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Baton handed over at CEMATEX: Fritz P. Mayer resigns as President
Until last Friday (June 12, 2020), Mr. Fritz P. Mayer, the former Chairman of the VDMA Textile Machinery Association, led the European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers CEMATEX in the four-year fixed term of office. Important milestones during his term of office include the strong increase in demand for ITMA 2019 from exhibitors from all over the world, the future-oriented appointment of the new CEMATEX General Secretariat and the expansion of the intensive relations with partners in China for the future of ITMA Asia. In recent months, Fritz P. Mayer has vehemently pushed forward the rapid clarification of the questions raised in April by the coronavirus crisis regarding the holding of the trade fair in Shanghai in October. The timely postponement to the year 2021 helped many members to save considerable financial and personnel resources. The member associations unanimously elected Ernesto Maurer, Chairman of the Swiss Textile Machinery Association, as his successor as President of CEMATEX. One week before, Ms. Regina Brückner had already been unanimously re-elected as a board member of ITMA Services commissioned by CEMATEX by its nine shareholders.

Welcome to the LinkedIn group VDMA textile machinery
The VDMA Textile Machinery Association is now using established social media channels for fast and more wide-ranging communication, also for the target group of employees in member companies. This is intended to make the VDMA's range of services known to employees who are not included in the office's specialist distribution lists. Random checks show that many employees from member companies are registered in LinkedIn. The potential for appropriate networking should be more than sufficient there. The instrument "Groups" at LinkedIn offers the necessary flexibility: It is permissible in the VDMA context and independent of individual VDMA employees. The "VDMA Textile Machinery" group was founded at the end of May 2020 and is supervised by several moderators from the office. A second group "R&D for textile machinery and textile processes" is offered by the Textile Machinery Association. The VDMA compliance rules are part of the "group rules".

Controlling concepts in the crisis – a guide with practical examples for the time after the crisis
During the coronavirus crisis, many things were turned upside down. This was also felt by those responsible for controlling. In a web meeting at the beginning of May 2020, commercial managers from VDMA member companies therefore openly discussed central questions including:

What to do when classic controlling mechanisms no longer work?
How do you manage to make decisions cautiously, while still keeping an eye on the details?
And what are the companies' plans for the time after the corona-related lockdown?

The discussion also took into account the experience gained from other crises, both those caused by the economic situation and those caused by external effects. The result is a "guide" that can provide ideas and suggestions from practice for practice.

The new industry guide "Added value by software 2020" has been published
With the new industry guide "Added value by software 2020", the Software and Digitalization Association presents the "digital" variety of topics of the VDMA in the form of selected use cases. In addition, the publication provides an overview of the VDMA's offerings regarding the digitization of business processes in sales, development, production, logistics and service.

Webinar "Artificial intelligence: How fit is the workforce in mechanical and plant engineering?What is actually happening in the field of artificial intelligence? Where is the mechanical engineering sector currently positioned, what are the changes and what do they mean for modern working and the workforce? Prof. Sabine Pfeiffer will be answering these and other questions in a webinar on 24 June.