Чт. 26.11.2020  09:30 - 18:00 Uhr
 FVA GmbH, Parkring 6, 85748 Garching bei München

FVA seminar on flank fracture

Damage pattern flank fracture - calculation of flank fracture on cylindrical gears

Tooth flank and tooth root load carrying capacity are decisive parameters for gear dimensioning. Through optimized design and manufacture as well as continuous improvement of the calculation methods, it has been possible to largely avoid the "classic" fatigue damage pitting and tooth root fracture and to increase the load carrying capacity limits of a gearing. As a result, however, there may be an increased risk of damage with crack initiation at greater component depth. The type of damage flank fracture is characterized by a crack exit below the tooth flank surface. Due to crack growth inside the material, flank breakage damage usually occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. The consequences are usually serious and often lead to the complete failure of the affected gear stage. Failures due to flank fracture therefore lead to high repair and failure costs. In order to avoid flank fracture damage, knowledge of the underlying mechanisms and influencing factors is of great importance.

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