Thu. 26.11.2020  09:30 - 12:30 Uhr

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Systems Engineering is a comprehensive engineering activity necessary for the development of complex products (according to: Society for Systems Engineering (GfSE)). Systems Engineering offers not only advantages for the aerospace and automotive industry. The consideration of all disciplines involved in the system, such as mechanics, electrical/electrical engineering and software, also represents a central challenge for mechanical and plant engineering. The mastery of systems engineering is thus increasingly developing into a competitive advantage.

One reason for this is that the method initiates the parallelization of development processes and a significant reduction of "time-to-market" can be achieved. A further goal is to describe customer requirements, system functions and the behavior of the different disciplines in a model that can be traced at any time and called up "at the push of a button".

This workshop is an initiative to address the topics system development, agile development methods, cross-domain engineering, etc. The workshop will present concrete experience reports on the use and benefits of systems engineering in mechanical and plant engineering

In the final discussion, the further procedure and further discussion topics are determined with the participants.

The target groups are managing directors, divisional managers, production managers and development/design managers.


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