Do. 06.08.2020  16:30 - 17:45 Uhr

OE-A Web-Seminar | Printed Electronics Insights - Special Topic: Smart Packaging

OE-A expands its services by offering an online ‘Printed Electronics Insights’ web-seminar series, in order for you to stay up to date on the latest flexible and printed electronics developments from any place you are currently based.

As a part of OE-A’s web-seminar series ‘Printed Electronics Insights’ this web-seminar covers the special topic of smart packaging. As packaging becomes more than just an object to contain and display a product, the packaging industry is transforming more and more. Due to its thin, lightweight and flexible features, organic and printed electronics is a true enabler for a multitude of new innovative products in the packaging industry. Printed batteries to power sensors for improved product logistics or cool-chain monitoring, RFID and NFC functionality to facilitate immediate cross-media interaction with the customer at the point of purchase , improved waste management, or even smart blister packs for medical products - these are only a few applications that have already been enabled by printed electronics. Renown industry experts will talk about the latest developments and applications of printed electronics that will drive forward the transformation of the packaging industry.

Presentations and Speaker:

  • Introduction OE-A Roadmap: Smart Packaging
    Jan Krausmann, Project Manager, OE-A
  • The next thin thing
    Carolina Gioscio, Marketing Manager, Evonik Creavis
  • Interact! - How to enable manifold potentials for intelligent packaging with Printed Electronics
    Wolfgang Mildner, Founder and Owner, MSWtech
  • Compostable RFID antennas by leveraging nano-copper inks
    Ofer Shochet, Founder and CEO, Copprint
A Q&A Session at the end of the web-seminar will give you the opportunity to find out more about a certain topic, interact with our speakers and to ask for the specific information you need.


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