The use of new technologies also changes the way projects are carried out and thus also the cooperation with the customer. Today, methods such as the waterfall or V-model no longer play a role in the first league of project setting.
If used appropriately, Big Data can shorten throughput times and optimize material flow, production and service processes.
Correct and bundled data as a prerequisite
Collection, Management, Storage, Archiving and Provision
Education and training
The Future of the Corporate Information Centre
Ensuring the security of company-relevant information and also allowing the exchange of sensitive data across company boundaries is the major goal of information security in mechanical and plant engineering.
No industry without digitalised logistics 4.0
Communication between employees is a central component of corporate success.
Low coding relieves software developers and gives outsiders the opportunity to develop software themselves.
Artificial generation of knowledge from experience
Keeping Track of the Production KPIs
Solutions for automatic master data maintenance
Simulation with all its characteristics is an integral part of the entire product development process (PEP).
Social media for mechanical engineering
Design of user interfaces
An Important Component in the Product(ion) Lifecycle
User-friendly user interfaces for machine and plant construction
Making Diversity Manageable
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