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VDMA Software and Digitization and the VDMA "Maschinenhaus" initiative jointly award the young talent prize "Digitization in Mechanical Engineering".
Biggest challenge: lack of digitization strategy and postponement of digitization projects; mechanical engineering well positioned in production-related digitization; portfolio adjustments: Establishment of new business models
Study 2020: Annual damage of 7.6 billion euros; Many counterfeits pose a threat to the operation of machines and plants; China remains the main sales country for plagiarism; Companies sue product pirates less and less frequently
Encryption of data and blackmail are among the greatest challenges for cybersecurity; 40 percent of companies are affected by successful attacks via social engineering and phishing; companies must prepare for the worst case scenario; VDMA and VSMA offer comprehensive support
We talk to Ernst Esslinger, HOMAG and Daniel Ditterich, Festo, about the opportunities and risks of platform economy in mechanical and plant engineering
Students develop innovative solutions for practical use in the company; special prize awarded by the VDMA Maschinenhaus Initiative
Equal treatment of B2B and B2C not effective, VDMA demands avoidance of even more bureaucracy, perspective for AI internal market in Europe
Companies expect an increase in security incidents - most frequent consequences: Capital damage and loss of production
#2 of the Industry Podcast is now available at Podigee
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Press Release on the Digital Factory 2019 Press Roundtable
What significance does machine learning have for your company?
VDMA study 2018: Loss amount once again 7.3 billion euros - China remains by far the largest plagiariser - Counterfeiting is a security risk


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