Interoperability - basic criterion for communication and understanding
Interoperability is a question of survival for a company
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EU Commission organises pan-European hackathon #EUvsVirus
In cooperation with the EU member states, the EU Commission is organising a pan-European hackathon during the weekend (24-26.4.) on the occasion of the coronavirus crisis.
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Home office and security
The current situation represents a major challenge for many companies. Digital solutions and modern technologies are more important than ever. We support you in the best possible way to maintain operations and value creation in your company
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Service and remote maintenance
Tasks that are usually fulfilled by visits from technicians are a particular challenge in the current situation. We can give you tips on which solutions can now support your processes.
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Prof. Claus Oetter
Prof. Claus Oetter
Geschäftsführer Software und Digitalisierung, Leiter Abteilung Informatik
069 6603 1667
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Guido Reimann
Guido Reimann
Machine Learning, Künstliche Intelligenz, IT-Umfragen und IT-Statistiken, Logistik / Intralogistik, Nachwuchsaktivitäten
069 6603 1258
069 6603 2258